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Rachida welcomes her new collegae Eva in the CSR team for VCA.

From volunteerwork to a dream job!

A new collegue in the team of Business involved.
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Liberty Global Sets a Remarkable Example in the World of Corporate Volunteering

Liberty Global Sets a Remarkable Example in the World of Corporate Volunteering

Driving impact starts with enabling colleagues who want to engage in the community, find meaningful volunteer ...
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Business involved will grow in the next 3 years

Extra focus on corporate volunteering in Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam is granting the Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (VCA) an additional subsidy for ...
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Anita Muschner, NAHst foundation

Anita Muschner of NAHst Foundation: "Volunteering increases social awareness"

Several years ago, Anita Muschner founded the NAHst foundation together with colleagues Sweedy and Hanneke ...
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Christmas Wish

Why You Should Volunteer in Amsterdam During December

Are you looking for a meaningful and enriching way to spend your time in Amsterdam this December? Consider ...
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Business Involved and VCA are connecting tech companies wth volunteer work fitting their team

Giveback: How volunteering is driving creative and team benefits at Lemonade and Amsterdam City

The secret ingredient behind the success of volunteering at Lemonade is the way insuretech powered by AI and ...
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Roel from the Koffiehuis (Coffeehouse Amsterdam)

“An encounter with the Koffiehuis, can be shocking for company volunteers”

“There is an intense mutual interest between homeless people and the volunteers,” says Roel Piera, the ...
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Aerial shot of team at desk turning sideways to shake hands with colleagues.

Adopt a cause, take turns and make an impact

Adopting a cause as a team is a way your company can stay flexible while making an impact. Find out how ...
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Aerial shot of people packing boxes of food and clothes.

Make 2023 the year you volunteer and make a difference

Looking to make a positive difference in the new year? Find out how the Business Involved platform makes it ...
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birds-eye view of Business Involved networking event 2022

Celebrating International Volunteer Day and a year of making impact

Business Involved connects companies with social causes. Read about our get-together on International ...
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Bojana Duovski, Stichting Studiezalen. Photo: VCA Media/Huub Zeeman

Bojana Duovski, Stichting Studiezalen: "If doors are ajar, I kick them in"

Interview with an expert. Bojana Duovski, Mover & Shaker at Stichting Studiezalen: "If doors are ajar, I kick ...
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Two children from Moedernetwerk on a day out at Artis

A visit to ARTIS: EY volunteers join a kids’ day out

The Business Involved mission is to put companies that want to make a positive contribution in touch with ...
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Why you should join Business Involved

3 reasons why your company should join Business Involved and how to join

We give you 3 reasons why you should join Business Involved and explain how you can join!
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3 tips to set up your corporate page for success

In this article, we explain how to set up your corporate page for success!
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Take a test!

Take the test

What kind of volunteer are you? And which vacancies suit you best? Take this simple and fun test and ...
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Six months of amplifying social impact

Business Involved partners companies with social causes. Read about the volunteer programmes we set up in our ...
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Wipro partners with Business Involved

Wipro partners with Business Involved

#wipro #businessinvolved #socialimpact #socialbusiness #business #community #collaboration #csrinitiative ...
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Medewerkers Personio koken voor de Veegploeg van het Koffiehuis

BI in action! Personio employees at work in the Koffiehuis

Personio cooks for the sweeper team of The Koffiehuis, a place where everybody is welcome. Undocumented and ...
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Food Bank

Bill (51) helps out at the Food Bank!

Bill volunteers at the Food Bank. Do you want to know how you can contribute? Find out in this blog post!
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Why corporate volunteering matters

As you may have noticed, Corporate Social Responsibility is on the rise. Not only are companies looking for ...
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Expat Volunteering in Amsterdam | Volunteer Guide for English speaking expats

Being an expat in the Netherlands is a reality for almost a quarter of the population. In Amsterdam, nearly ...
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Launch platform

New online platform to match companies with volunteers in Amsterdam

On Wednesday October 27, Alderman Victor Everhardt (Economic Affairs) opened the new online platform Business ...
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