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Post | August 2022 | Tips & Tricks | 4 min read

3 reasons why your company should join Business Involved and how to join

Written by Gerbrand Holland
Why you should join Business Involved

Hi Do-Gooder,

The world around us is everchanging and so is our perception of what is important in our jobs and the world around us. We live in a society where making a positive impact is becoming increasingly important. Luckily, businesses are becoming more and more aware of the role they can play in enabling this impact with, among others, corporate volunteering. Maybe, if you are reading this, you want to start your corporate volunteering journey. Luckily, you are at the right place!

At Business Involved, we partner companies with social initiatives, helping them and their employees to create a positive impact on the region. Having successfully helped numerous partners in their corporate volunteering journey, we are on a mission to do good and want to help you and your company to make a difference in and around the city! Are you contemplating joining Business Involved? Let’s get started on three reasons why your company should join the platform and let’s get you up and running on how to begin the journey!

3 reasons why you should join Business Involved

🫂 1. You are part of the largest corporate volunteering community in Amsterdam and can play a great role in it 

Business Involved is one of the few true Public-Private partnerships in the voluntary sector. Public-Private partnerships are the ultimate collaboration to do good. Combining both professional and social resources is one of the most effective ways to involve every societal stakeholder to do good. Business Involved is deeply rooted in the social environment of Amsterdam and therefore can provide the best match for your organization, whether it is skills-based, SDG-based, or mission-based. This way, we bring people together with similar interests, but different backgrounds to learn from each other! This way, you can play a great role in the Amsterdam doing-good community, by embracing the strengths of all parties involved!

📊 2. You can make your impact measurable

Making social impact measurable is extremely important! Among others, it helps communicate the impact of what you do, it helps you to persevere in our mission, and the impact itself creates value! However, we often hear that it is hard to define social impact. Business Involved, however, offers clear impact measurements using SDGs. This enables your partnership to set realistic goals, and opens up opportunities to get insights into your volunteering impact via integrated reports.

💡 3. You do not have to reinvent the wheel

Potentially, corporate volunteering can be a win-win-win scenario. Research suggest that “the benefits of a corporate volunteer program to your company and employees can be many and varied.” We listed some of the benefits in one of our blogs on why corporate volunteering matters, so feel free to check that out! However, poorly executed programs can result in little impact, or even worse, they can actually harm the community partner by depleting their scarce resources. Therefore, the need for a qualitatively good match becomes even more important. Business Involved provides a method to come to this match and create a win-win-win scenario without you having to reinvent the wheel. This benefits everyone involved!

🚀 Bonus: it’s fun!

Let’s not forget that volunteering is so much fun! You can become inspired by some of our partners and how the platform has brokered and amplified six months of social impact in this blog!

So… Convinced? Let’s get your company started on the platform in three easy and short steps!

Creating a company account in under 5 minutes

Create a user account

To create a company account, you first must create a user account. This user account functions as your personal login portal on the website and makes sure the communication on the platform happens fluently. This article explains how to create a user account. Don’t forget to verify your account with the corresponding email address! Follow this link to create a user account!

Create a company account

Once you have created a user account, you can create a company account. This can be done in just a couple of minutes. This article explains how to create an organization account. Importantly, choose “company” as type of organization when creating an organization. Follow this link to get started on your company account.

Wait for approval

Now, you have done your part! The Business Involved team is currently working on approving your organization. We do this to make sure that the community only consists of real organizations! 

Get approved

Congratulations! You are approved! We can truly get started now! By now, you have been contacted by one of our team members who will get you up to speed! In the meantime, read for example about what you can do further to set your company page up for success in this blog, or find out what kind of volunteer you are in our volunteer quiz. You can also browse opportunities to see whether you find something you like or read up on our latest news. Let’s create a sustainable, long-term partnership between your company and a local social organization and Get Involved! 

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