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Business Stories

Liberty Global Sets a Remarkable Example in the World of Corporate Volunteering

Liberty Global Sets a Remarkable Example in the World of Corporate Volunteering

Driving impact starts with enabling colleagues who want to engage in the community, find meaningful volunteer ...
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Business Involved and VCA are connecting tech companies wth volunteer work fitting their team

Giveback: How volunteering is driving creative and team benefits at Lemonade and Amsterdam City

The secret ingredient behind the success of volunteering at Lemonade is the way insuretech powered by AI and ...
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Wipro partners with Business Involved

Wipro partners with Business Involved

#wipro #businessinvolved #socialimpact #socialbusiness #business #community #collaboration #csrinitiative ...
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Impact reporting

Make your impact measurable

Activity reports allow your employees to report their participation and the number of hours they volunteered. In short: they can make their impact measurable.

By quantifying your impact you can calculate the economic value of volunteer work (read more on how you can calculate your SROI). This is crucial to give voluntary efforts the recognition it deserves. Moreover, you can use it for accountability and for motivating your employees.

The power of our network

More than 100 impact-driven organisations are looking for help. Find the perfect match for your company and start cooperating.

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