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Organisation Stories

Anita Muschner, NAHst foundation

Anita Muschner of NAHst Foundation: "Volunteering increases social awareness"

Several years ago, Anita Muschner founded the NAHst foundation together with colleagues Sweedy and Hanneke ...
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Roel from the Koffiehuis (Coffeehouse Amsterdam)

“An encounter with the Koffiehuis, can be shocking for company volunteers”

“There is an intense mutual interest between homeless people and the volunteers,” says Roel Piera, the ...
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Bojana Duovski, Stichting Studiezalen. Photo: VCA Media/Huub Zeeman

Bojana Duovski, Stichting Studiezalen: "If doors are ajar, I kick them in"

Interview with an expert. Bojana Duovski, Mover & Shaker at Stichting Studiezalen: "If doors are ajar, I kick ...
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Impact reporting

Make your impact visible and measurable

Using activity reports, you can track user participation in activities and report user hours. In short: you can make your impact measurable.

By quantifying your impact you can calculate the economic value of volunteer work (calculate your SROI). This is crucial to give voluntary efforts the recognition it deserves. Moreover, you can use it for accountability and to raise new funds.

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