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Data & Analytics for Oganisations

Manage, use and visualize your own data

Manage your data

Whether you would need insights in all activities as an organisation or in all your members' activities; using the platform offers you an easy way to manage your data. You'll get access to the following data:

  • Users / members
  • Activities / opportunties
  • Applications
  • Activity Reports
  • Organisations / teams

You could even use the platform as a way to manage ALL your current volunteering efforts within your organisation by adding existing members and activities. This will give your organisation a complete overview of the impact your making.

Organisation data

Measurable impact

Using activity reports, you can track user participation in activities and report user hours. In short: you can make your impact measurable.

By quantifying your impact you can calculate the economic value of volunteer work (calculate your SROI). This is crucial to give voluntary efforts the recognition it deserves. Moreover, you can use it for accountability and to raise new funds.

Share your insights

Based on your organisation's activity on the platform, analytics are automatically generated. This allows you to easily track the impact your organisation is making. The other way around, you can also see what your organisation's members get done.

This is especially useful in reporting and visualising your organisation's impact. Internally and externally. Using Data & Analytics you can report on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis on a variety of parameters.

You can also link your impact to the SDGs (the UN's 17 social development goals). Why are they important? By using SDG's we can all measure our joint impact and provide more insight into the value of volunteering, on a global scale!

Organisation Analytics

Improved Management

All information about your users, opportunities and applications in one place. Use your organization page as a CRM or easily export all data to your current solution.

Easier Reporting

Report per week, month, quarter, or year on different parameters. For example, have you ever thought about reporting based on the SDGs?

More and New Insights

See which opportunities are doing well in terms of traffic and which are doing well in terms of applications. Does this have to do with the title, text, visuals, or perhaps even category?

Data-driven Decisions

Find out which opportunities are easy to fill (and which are not) and make well-informed decisions. How do you want to use your resources?

What are you waiting for?

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