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How can I invite employees to join my company page?

You can easily invite employees by, for example, placing a link on the intranet. Inviting directly is also possible.

Can I invite multiple employees at the same time to join my company page?

Of course. You can import a CSV file containing the first name, last name, email address and membership level.

How many people can manage my company page?

As much as you want. Here you can read more about the possible different roles.

Can I let employees post activities themselves?

Certainly. Here you can read how employees can create activities that are only visible internally. Need help? Contact us.

Why does my organization need to be approved and how long does that take?

After you have created your organization, we will approve your organization as quickly as possible so that you can get started. Approving your organization serves to check that the quality of the platform is guaranteed.

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