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Accessibility statement

DeedMob B.V. strives to make its own online information and services accessible, in accordance with the Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government.

This accessibility statement applies to the content of the Business Involved website.

Main domain:

subdomains and other domains belonging to the website:


An overview of all websites, apps and statements of DeedMob B.V. is available via the partners link.


Compliance status

The information published by DeedMob B.V. shows that the Deedmob website partially complies with the Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government.

Accessibility research has shown that not all requirements are yet met. For each individual deviation from the requirements, the cause is known and the consequence is described, measures have been taken to remedy the deviation AND a concrete date is given by which the measures will be implemented.

In the explanation, under the heading ‘Substantiation of the statement’, it is indicated how far DeedMob B.V. has progressed with the accessibility of Deedmob and what measures are necessary and are being taken to make the website more accessible.

The details of the various statuses are described in the explanatory notes, under the heading Explanation of compliance statuses.

Declaration of agreement

This statement was signed on 10-09-2020 as 'seen and agreed' by an authorised signatory of DeedMob B.V.

Position: CTO.

The currentness, completeness and correctness of this statement were last reviewed on 22-09-20.

Feedback and contact details

Do you have an accessibility problem? Or a question or remark about accessibility?

Please contact us at [email protected].

What can you expect from us?

You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 5 working days.

We will inform you on the progress and outcome of your query.

Your request will be processed within 3 weeks.

Compliance procedure

Not satisfied with the way your complaint was handled? Or we didn’t respond in time?

Please contact the National Ombudsman.

Substantiation of the statement

Research results

For the research results on which this claim is based, please email [email protected].

Details contained in the report

Date: 07-09-2020

Type of examination: manual examination (possibly partly automatic)

Research carried out by: an independent third party

Standard used: EN 301 549 / WCAG 2.1 level AA

Currentness: complies with conditions. The report shows that the measurement and survey data on which the research is based are less than 36 months old.

Research method: complies with conditions. The report shows that a well-documented evaluation method (WCAG-EM or equivalent) was used in the manual investigation.

Recording: complies with conditions. The report shows that the study results have been recorded in a human-readable format, or in the machine-readable format EARL.

The (combined) research results:

Include all requirements from Chapter 9 of the European accessibility standard EN 301 549. The requirements for websites, apps and downloadable documents in this standard are identical to the level A and AA success criteria of the globally applied accessibility standard WCAG 2.1.

Are representative of all content on the main domain and any sub-domains and other domains mentioned in the statement.

During the investigation, deviations from the accessibility standard were found, which could not be rectified before the investigation was completed.

Based on the research results, DeedMob B.V. declares that the website partially meets the accessibility standard.


Deviations from the accessibility standard

SC 1.4.1 - Use of colour [level A].

Description of the deviation: On some partner sites of DeedMob B.V. the colour contrast does not completely comply with the guidelines.

Cause: Marketing and branding choices of the partner.

Consequence: Colour contrast is not optimal.

Alternative: Some monitors have colour settings that can affect this rule.

Measure: Communicate clearly to the partner and visitors of the sites.

Note: The implementation of this measure is disproportionately burdensome.

Clarification: Significant budget, time and knowledge goes into the choice and elaboration of marketing and branding expressions of our partners. To change the entire house style to achieve a minimal difference is seen as a disproportionate burden.

Planning for implementation of the measure: 10-09-2020

Disproportionate burden

DeedMob B.V. indicates that it has not yet complied with all the requirements of the Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government, because the expected benefits of applying one or more requirements of the standard are not in proportion to the organisational or financial effort involved. DeedMob B.V. explains this in more detail under the heading 'Deviations from the accessibility standard'. See under 'The implementation of this measure leads to a disproportionate burden'.

Explanation of disproportionate burden

The Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government allows public bodies to make use of a temporary option to not apply particular requirements of the accessibility standard, if this is disproportionately burdensome to them.

The exception of 'disproportionate burden' should be applied with care. Lack of prioritisation, time or knowledge on the part of a government body are not legitimate reasons for not applying the accessibility standard.

For the applicable, formal wording, see Article 3, paragraphs 2 to 4 and the explanatory notes to Article 3 of the Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government.

Content falling outside the scope of the Decree

The Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government does not apply to the following content of websites and mobile applications:

Office file formats published before 23 September 2018, unless such content is necessary for active administrative processes related to the tasks performed by the relevant public authority;

Pre-recorded, time-based media published before 23 September 2020;

Live broadcast, time-based media;

Online maps and online mapping services, provided that essential information on navigation maps is provided in an accessible, digital manner;

Third-party content that is not funded, developed or under the responsibility of the relevant public authority;

Reproductions of items from heritage collections that cannot be made fully accessible for reasons of preservation, authenticity or lack of automated and cost-efficient solutions to achieve accessibility;

Content that is only available to a closed user group and that was published before 23 September 2019, until the relevant website is substantially revised;

Content of websites and mobile applications that is not necessary for active administrative processes and has not been updated after 23 September 2019.

Source: Article 2, second paragraph of the Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government.

Links to sources

This statement refers to various sources. The list below contains the links to these sources.

Dutch regulation

Provisional Decree on Digital Accessibility of the Government:

European regulations on which the Dutch regulations are based

European Directive 2016/2102:

Model accessibility statement:

Referenced specifications

EN 301 549 v3.1.1, chapter 9 Web:

WCAG 2.1:

WCAG-EM 1.0:

ACT Rules Format 1.0:

EARL 1.0: