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How do I present our organization as attractively as possible?

With these 3 tips you will get the most out of your organization page. In addition, it helps if you can write an attractive text.

How do I reach as many people as possible?

The more people read your opportunity , the greater the chance that the right person will see it! Share your opportunity and dare to ask others to do the same. We also offer the option to embed your opportunities on your own website. Read all about expanding your reach.

Can I send an automatic message with every registration?

Yes, you can. Read more on how to add an automatic message.

I am receiving too many notifications. Can I adjust this?

Of course. Check out how to adjust your notification settings. Please note that you do not disable all messages, as we will then no longer be able to notify you of registrations.

What do those numbers in the red circles mean?

The number in the red circle represents the number of signups or activity reports that are set to 'Pending'. You can read more about the reminder badges here.

Why does my organization need to be approved and how long does that take?

After you have created your organization, we will approve your organization as quickly as possible so that you can get started. Approving your organization serves to check that the quality of the platform is guaranteed.

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