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Post | January 2023 | 3 min read

Make 2023 the year you volunteer and make a difference

Written by Business Involved
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New Year – new you? You may not be planning any major life changes, but if you’re looking for more and deeper connections, consider volunteering. It’s a great way of getting to know your local community and expand your network. Amsterdam is home to thousands of socially driven organisations, so whatever your skills or interests, you can be certain that there’s a cause that’s close to your heart. Business Involved can help you find that perfect match.  


Connecting companies and causes 

The Business Involved platform is all about making it easy to do good. We connect companies and their employees with volunteering opportunities at initiatives in the Amsterdam Area that have a positive impact on the environment and local communities. We celebrated our first anniversary in December and co-founder Joel Dori looks back on 2022 with pleasure. "We’re really proud of all the amazing companies and their employees that went out into the city to help last year. By volunteering, you can not only help those in need, but also create a sense of connectedness and purpose among your colleagues.” Dori is keen to ensure 2023 is an even better year for volunteering: “Let us help you turn your company's volunteering ambitions into a reality. We offer presentations at your office to onboard your colleagues and provide guidance in structuring your corporate volunteering efforts. By being involved, Amsterdam becomes a better place for all.” 


We rounded off 2022 in a festive mood with a meet-up on 7 December 2022, celebrating both International Volunteer Day and the one-year anniversary of Business Involved. The event brought together social organisations, volunteers and international businesses based in Amsterdam to share experiences and discover new ways of driving impact. Speakers highlighted the importance of volunteers to the life of the city and urged businesses to take a long-term approach to corporate volunteering by embedding it in their organisational strategy.  


“Inequality is a problem for us all” 

One of Amsterdam social organisations that is making good use of corporate volunteering programmes is Stichting Studiezalen (Study Rooms Foundation). The organisation gives children and young people in vulnerable neighbourhoods space and guidance to learn, grow and flourish. Bojana Duovski, advisor to the foundation, has helped it develop relationships with companies that benefit both sides. “Inequality of opportunity is a social problem for all of us,” she says, “and companies are often concerned with sustainable development goals.” She believes there’s more to corporate social responsibility than financial support. “Money is not always the solution. The real connection can be made based on knowledge and expertise. A commercial company is part of society and can contribute to this, because citizens are also employees and vice versa.” 


Benefits for companies 

With the increasing importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, a company’s social impact goals matter to both its employees and customers. A well-thought-out volunteering programme can also support talent recruitment and retention, encourage employees to grow and develop, and reinforce HR values such as diversity and inclusion. The past year has seen many rewarding experiences for company volunteers organised via the Business Involved platform. A day out at the zoo with handicapped children and their families; helping out in the kitchen at the Koffiehuis on Haarlemmerstraat serving undocumented migrants and homeless people; tidying up the gardens at Amsterdam nursing home Vreugdehof – all these are activities that are enriching for all involved.  


Kickstart your corporate volunteering programme 

The resources, people, capital and expertise that businesses can bring to social organisations is invaluable. However, a corporate volunteering programme needs to be well thought through to ensure real impact. Poorly executed programmes can even end up harming the community partner by using up their time and resources for limited returns. That’s why we at Business Involved offer tailor-made support. We’ll show you how to align volunteering opportunities with your company’s vision, availability and expectations. And we can help you adopt a cause and support it to the max while still having the flexibility to accommodate the schedules and responsibilities of a busy team.  


Find out more 

If you want 2023 to be your Year of the Volunteer, check out what Business Involved has to offer for companies, for company volunteers and for social organisations, or speak to one of our team members for more information.   


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