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WailSalutem Foundation

About WailSalutem Foundation

We are from the WailSalutem Foundation. Our mission is:
Making education in new technology affordable and accessible to young people
Reducing poverty and inequality among young people, making their goals and dreams come true
Inspire and motivate them by setting a good example and being a role model.
Creating a strong community to grow and thrive in
To achieve this, we provide young people aged 8-16 with free workshops in the field of digital literacy.
We do this in our social innovation lab and in collaboration with a number of cultural institutions.

It is a 'social lab' because we provide free education to underprivileged children here. We want this education to be financed from society.
It is also an 'innovative lab' because they receive education about new technologies linked to art, culture and sustainability in their living environment.
Part of our educational program is a workshop in collaboration with Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. Children learn more about art & culture in the museum. They receive a tour of the museum, accompanied by an art teacher. I then teach them how to program with a drawing robot in combination with Artificial Intelligence Assistants (Dalle-2). This allows children to draw their own Picasso with the robot.
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