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Voor Elkaar in Zuid

About Voor Elkaar in Zuid

Voor Elkaar in Zuid brings residents of all ages from Amsterdam Zuid together for support and meeting, to promote social contacts.

We focus on simple neighborly assistance and social contacts in the neighbourhood. Think of a job in the house or in the garden, shopping, guidance to the doctor, caring for a pet, help with the computer, simple home administration or learning a language.

By social contacts we mean meeting people in the neighbourhood. This can involve going for a walk together, drinking a cup of coffee at home, going to museums or practicing a hobby or sport together, in pairs or in a group. You decide whether you want to meet occasionally or on a permanent basis.

Our volunteers are there especially for residents with a small or no social network who have little to spend and who are less able to do it themselves due to fragile health. In this way we make it easier for people to live independently at home.
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Recently added opportunities

Shopping for a neighbor in Amsterdam South
Organisation role · 1–2 hrs/Week
Flexible location
Shopping for a neighbor in Amsterdam South
Do you want to do shopping on a regular basis for a local resident who is (temporarily) no longer able to do so?Posted by Voor Elkaar in Zuid


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