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Gifted Minds International School (GMIS) is the first international school to be located in Hoofddorp. Situated right next door to Schiphol Airport, we have converted approximately 2000 sq meters of a ...

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Gifted Minds International School (GMIS) is the first international school to be located in Hoofddorp. Situated right next door to Schiphol Airport, we have converted approximately 2000 sq meters of a former office building into a state-of-the-art school learning environment for international students.

As part of our aim to give the best international education for the children in the Amsterdam area, we are now an approved International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IBPYP) School. In getting this approval, GMIS has raised the bar for international education in Amsterdam to golden international standards. Our eclectic teaching approaches and pedagogical practices follow a current, research-based curriculum that caters to each individual child’s needs. At GMIS, teachers and students invent, rethink, co-construct, and innovate ideas for teaching and learning processes. All students and staff at GMIS have meaningful targets and measurable goals allowing us to easily track progress and ensure that your children receive the best of primary school international education.

Gifted Minds International School is a premium international school in the province of North Holland that nurtures a “child first” policy. Our ethos and policies promote the best interest of every child. We believe that every child is a gifted mind; talented in his/her own way. At GMIS, we celebrate this “Giftedness” in every child by nurturing and enhancing their minds to their fullest potential. As a multi-cultural international school, we teach students to respect the developmental needs, race, religion, and nationality of every other student, encouraging students to see the unique gifts that these differences provide.

All our teachers are trained to the highest level, allowing them to proficiently follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Every class has a full-time homeroom tutor and specialized subject teachers: Physical and Health Education, Additional Languages (Dutch/French), Art, Music, Library, STEM, and Drama. All teaching and non-teaching staff have been cleared by the Bureau to be allowed to work with or teach our children. Our Educators are continuously attending in-house training and outsourced professional courses to keep up with the latest teachings and methodologies in their fields. This allows them to constantly provide high-quality standards, working to improve and cater to each and every child’s social, emotional, linguistic, intellectual, physical, talent, and academic needs.

At GMIS, our medium of instruction is English. As of now, we give additional language classes, which are taught twice a week, in Dutch or French. Our objective is to cater to the learning needs of the diverse language community and open classes according to the language demands. We provide these additional languages as purposeful enrichment classes for the sustainability of the language bridges in the development of intercultural understanding and awareness for our students.
Albert Einstein once said that we have to do the best we can as it’s our sacred human responsibility.

Gifted Minds International School takes an altruistic stance on Philanthropy.

We cherish this service as a way to give back to the under-privileged human welfare, the constant trauma our climate and environment are suffering, and to the animal rights that need to be reinstated and respected. Our philanthropical stance is a catalyst to collaborate, assist, and provide the opportunities and services that will make a life-changing and lifelong difference.

To make our world a better place to live, we believe our contributions through works and funds will significantly transform human beings, animals and the
environment positively.

Please join us in this “Journey of Hope“.