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About Business Involved

Business Involved is a platform for matching people with curated volunteering opportunities. It’s a win-win for important causes in the Amsterdam Area and for companies that want to contribute for the greater good. As a partnership of experts from the City of Amsterdam, Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (Volunteer Centre Amsterdam, VCA) and Deedmob, Business Involved really understand social impact.

The VCA has a network of more than 2,000 socially driven organisations in the arts, culture, education, nature, care, welfare, sport, charities and events. They’re up to date with all varieties of social outreach programmes and the skills they need, making them the ideal partner for businesses. The platform is built by Deedmob and enables companies and their employees to easily find volunteering opportunities that they’ll find truly rewarding.

Helping companies

As well as connecting companies with the many opportunities that volunteering offers, Business Involved also provides information and educational resources to facilitate and support these partnerships.

Employees can individually attend English-language orientation meetings with us. We match their abilities, talents and interests with relevant impact initiatives. 

Business Involved also offers presentations to management teams and CSR managers. These can be exclusive to your company or set up to combine several companies. We’ll discuss how to align volunteering opportunities with your company’s vision, availability and expectations and how our platform makes that easy.

Then, we help your organisation to find the ideal social cause to contribute to. If a suitable fit isn’t yet on our platform, our extensive network can help.

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