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Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam

Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam

Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam shows you the way

Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (VCA) strengthens voluntary work so that everyone can make an optimum contribution to Amsterdam society.

We do this by showing future volunteers the way and connecting them to social organisations, facilitating these organisations with knowledge and tools and making the added value of voluntary work in the city visible.

Our mediators are there for everyone, offering a personal consultation when making a choice and organising information meetings for potential volunteers. With advisory talks, practical information, workshops and training sessions, our advisors help social organisations and initiatives to develop further and to work successfully with volunteers. In order to recruit and appreciate volunteers, we set up public campaigns and represent the interests of the field.

What services does Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam offer at Business Involved?

Help VCA to Companies

To companies

  • Information for employees of your company
  • Orientation meetings for individual employees
  • Online test for employees 'what kind of volunteer are you?
  • Tailor-made advice on CSR policy
  • Explanation of the use of the system and various downloads (e.g. posters, flyers etc).  
What VCA can do for social organisations

For social organisations

  • Informing about offers and possibilities
  • Translation service
  • Personal interviews
  • Workshop on formulating a concrete request
  • Personal assistance in formulating concrete requests
  • Explanation of the use of the system and various communication tools