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Photographer, filmmaker and editor

Photographer, filmmaker and editor

Organisation role · Flexible hours
Balistraat 48a, 1094 JN Amsterdam, Nederland
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Art & cultureRefugees & minoritiesSocial justice
5 Gender equality10 Reduced inequalities17 Partnerships for the goals
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Making photos, film and video recording during various trans events, workshops, promo, theme meetings.

Detailed description

Making photos, film and video recording during various trans events, workshops, theme meetings, café, evening. Shoot and edit photos, film or short films independently. Making promotional films, taking pictures during various events, workshops trans art school, monthly café evening.

Excellent skills with a camera, experience with video editing, editing. You are a team player, but can also work independently. Easily accessible by e-mail and online? Being able to deal well with the privacy of the participants and guests. Someone with an open mind and want to commit to a transgender organization?

What we will provide to volunteers

🤝 Extra support

Getting there

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About TransAmsterdam

TransAmsterdam is a trans organization for art, culture and lifestyle. Our goal is to increase the visibility of transgender people and improve the image of trans and non-binary people through art and culture.

TransAmsterdam wants to show that the transgender community is part of society. To achieve this, we collaborate with various artists, such as photographers, actors, poets, musicians, writers, filmmakers and painters. We also work together with national and international "trans" art and cultural organizations.

In 2019, we founded the Trans Art School. At our Trans Art School, trans people can follow artistic, cultural and lifestyle workshops.

With art and culture we show that trans people are more than their gender. Art, culture and lifestyle serve as the connecting factors of the transgender community as part of society. By stimulating the positive visibility of trans people, we promote the emancipation and empowerment of trans people in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and beyond.
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