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Cooking for the homeless, from Monday to Friday

Cooking for the homeless, from Monday to Friday

Organisation role · Flexible hours
Haarlemmerstraat 146h, 1013 EZ Amsterdam, Nederland
Cooking & eating
Community & familyHealthSocial justice
2 Zero hunger3 Good health and well-being10 Reduced inequalities
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Stichting Het Koffiehuis
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Come cook with your colleagues at the Koffiehuis! Experience a unique day with our homeless or undocumented visitors and contribute to an inclusive Amsterdam.

Detailed description

The Koffiehuis and the Clothing Shop on Haarlemmerstraat offer a safe place to homeless or undocumented visitors who often have no place to go elsewhere in the city. Our social enterprise gives our visitors a meaningful day's work, contributing to a more beautiful, cleaner and more colourful Amsterdam. For example, there are sweeping and greening teams at work keeping the surroundings of the Haarlemmerstraat clean and colourful. Also, some of our boys are mopping the windows of shops in the neighbourhood, working as extras and helping to keep the National Holocaust Monument clean. In the process, all our income goes towards support, housing and a dignified existence for our visitors: we are an inclusive community that helps each other.

What will you and your colleagues do?

Your team of volunteer (3-4) people will enter a cosy living room around 9:30 am, filled with the people from the sweeping and green teams. You will be welcomed by our staff and we will give more information about who we are and what we do. Meanwhile, the visitors have a cup of coffee with a sandwich or a croissant and then go outside to work. After this, you get to work. Namely, you prepare lunch for the group. You cook a hot meal for 25-30 people, which is served between 12:30 and 13:30 to the various sweeping and greening teams. It is useful to choose a recipe in advance and we ask you to finance the shopping,

While eating, we encourage it to engage in conversation with our people and hear the stories and experiences. Participants enjoy talking and being seen. The awareness of daily challenges, yet positive attitude works inspiring and invites them to come back again. And if that is not enough, the coffee mug and coffee roasted especially for the Coffee House will win you over!

Not only is this an incredibly fun activity to do with your team, but you will also help the Coffee House team immensely. Because you get to work in the kitchen, the Coffee House team can focus on further improving the Social Firm and on addressing the daily challenges that undocumented people experience Issues such as housing, food, drink and safety that cannot always be taken for granted for them can thus be addressed. In doing so, you contribute to a more inclusive Amsterdam and bring humanity back into society.

Getting there

Het Koffiehuis is a friendly organization in the nicest street in Amsterdam. Something is always happening and the work you do has an immediate effect: a homeless person does work and feels part of society. He receives compensation and good food for this. By caring for each other, we bring humanity back into society every day.
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About Stichting Het Koffiehuis

Het Koffiehuis en Kledingwinkel aan de Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam Centrum is een inloop voor dak- en thuislozen en is zeven dagen per week open. Het Koffiehuis biedt een veilige plek aan dakloze bezoekers die vaak elders in de stad niet terecht kunnen. Omdat de stichting Het Koffiehuis Amsterdam een sociale onderneming zonder subsidie is, zijn er naast koffie, een lunch en schone kleding ook werkprojecten waar bezoekers aan deel kunnen nemen. De veeg- en groenploegen werken op straat en zorgen voor een schone en kleurige omgeving. Op die manier zien buurtbewoners en toeristen dat daklozen meer zijn en kunnen dan het vooroordeel vaak beweert. De Kledingwinkel biedt gratis kleding aan de deelnemers van de werkprojecten en de inkomsten van de verkochte kleding komt ook ten goede aan de deelnemers.
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