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Your company can make an impact

Get Involved, Amsterdam!

Amsterdam’s thriving business community contributes a great deal to our city - capital, knowledge, international acclaim and more. But it can also make a meaningful difference to people, communities and the environment. Most organisations have sustainability and corporate social responsibility objectives – Business Involved makes it easier to meet these goals by connecting you with local initiatives that need your team’s support. Browse from a curated selection of social causes, find the right fit for your company and we’ll support you at every stage.

How can your company volunteer?

There are countless opportunities to make a real difference. Business Involved makes it simple to get started and inspire your team to help.

Make a positive contribution by:

  • Participating in one-off or ongoing volunteer work;
  • Sharing knowledge with social organisations;
  • Donating to organisations.

How to become Business Involved?

Steps for your company

  • Organise an in-house briefing for your employees on volunteering in Amsterdam
  • Direct your team to the Business Involved website and the online volunteer test
  • Engage us for tailor-made advice on your CSR policy
  • Provide space for our experts to host a regular consultation hour for your employees to discuss volunteering opportunities
  • Provide the opportunity for staff to do voluntary work or CSR-related activities (during work hours where possible)
  • Donate office supplies to social organisations
  • Brainstorm themed event days (Clean-up Day, Christmas or other events) that your employees could get involved with as a team

We ensure that your company finds an ideal match and foster cooperation between your organisation and the social initiative.