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Your company can make an impact

Get Involved, meet Amsterdam!

Besides making a huge difference to people, communities and the environment, working with Business Involved benefits companies: providing meaningful experiences for employees and helping with sustainability and corporate social responsibility objectives. There are several ways you can make a positive contribution. One of them is by provide the opportunity for staff to do voluntary work or CSR-related activities – during working hours, where possible.

How to become Business Involved

Business Involved will ensure that your company finds an ideal match.  

This is how you can help


There are many volunteering opportunities: there one-offs, flexible or structural options.

Share your knowledge

Share all that you know with organisations.

Donation of goods

Help out by donations, such as office appliances.

Tips & Tricks

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Other ways to help

In addition to volunteering events, there are plenty of other ways companies can get involved. You could: donate office supplies to social organisations; share knowledge with social organisations provide space for our experts to host a regular consultation hour for your employees to discuss volunteering opportunities; or donate to organisations and their projects with targeted contributions. You can also engage us for tailor-made advice on your CSR policy.