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Social Organisations

For civil society organisations

Voor organisaties

How businesses can help your organisation

Business Involved understands the impact social organisations have on the Amsterdam Area, and it also sees the potential for companies to give meaningful and lasting support to these local causes. The city’s business community is an ideal resource for your organisation, which is why we arrange the following types of support:

  • Volunteering programmes with employees, one-off or regular to suit your project
  • Expertise sharing from companies with knowledge valuable to your organisation
  • Donations from businesses with shared values

How to get businesses involved

It is easy to find companies that want to work with your organisation. Start by creating an organisation profile on our website, and post a job posting that companies can view.

Business Involved also supports you every step of the way. We help find the perfect match for your organisation - with inspiration sessions on organisational needs, workshops to help formulate requests to companies, and personal guidance at every stage of the process.

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